Fully Unique and Readable Content Generated by AI

There is no scraping and spinning going on in the background. Kafkai is an actual machine-learning algorithm that can write articles from scratch. Cutting-edge technology for marketers and SEOs.

Readable, unique content for cents instead of dollars.

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Article Examples

The Technology

real AI

Kafkai is not "AI" that is in the background just scraping and spinning articles. We are using an actual machine learning algorithm that generates articles from scratch.

six figure investment

We've invested six figures into the technology in the last two years, testing and learning the best methods to use the available cutting-edge technology for the purposes of content generation.

constantly improving

Kafkai does not use a static model for generation. With each generated article and the score you give it, it's learning and getting better and better. We are constantly improving the underlying technology to best suit the needs of our users.


While the content will obviously not earn a Pulitzer's award (at least not yet), it's fully suitable as second-tier content, for your SEO needs or helping you break the writer's block.

Your very own writer

that gives you unlimited content, works 24/7, and is always available.

All for the price of weekly salary of a cheap human writer that does none of that.

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