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The technology behind Kafkai

Our experimenting with machine learning

Experimenting with machine learning

We have been in the Internet Marketing niche since 2010 providing SaaS products for the SEO market so we are familiar with the role that content plays and the problems attached to it. We've dabbled in PLRs, scrapers and spinners to create a solution for our users.

In keeping up with technological advancements, we started experimenting with machine learning (also called deep learning or artificial intelligence) in 2017. There has been talk about content writing bots that will put journalists out of a job for years now.

That's why we invested almost six figures in 2018 to see where the state of content generation is. At the detriment of our company wallet, it was not ready yet.

Experimenting with machine learning

Breakthrough came from Elon Musk's OpenAI


The real breakthrough in the AI community came in 2018 when Elon Musk's OpenAI showed their language model called GPT-2 [1].

The articles[2] were flawless, and there was no discernible difference to an article a native non-expert writer would create.

Here’s an excerpt from the OpenAI content writer:

Dr. Pérez believes that the unicorns may have originated in Argentina, where the animals were believed to be descendants of a lost race of people who lived there before the arrival of humans in those parts of South America.

While their origins are still unclear, some believe that perhaps the creatures were created when a human and a unicorn met each other in a time before human civilization. According to Pérez, “In South America, such incidents seem to be quite common.”

(yes, that's about unicorns, and yes, it's talking about human-unicorn sex)

OpenAI published a limited version of the Language Model so that other organizations could experiment. Other research organizations have replicated the model since[3], some improved on it[4], and some published their own versions[5].

Restarting experiments with success

Restarting experiments

Immediately after the announcement, we jumped back in with both feet and started experimenting with multiple language models. All of the organizations were doing this for research purposes, but we knew of a perfect use case for simple articles - content for PBN blogs and other SEO uses.

There's still some improvement necessary, but we think it's already near the cheap articles you get with most article writing services. And for PBNs and SEO blogs, it might become the cheapest and best solution yet.

Restarting experiments

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Traditional ways of generating content are costly and sometimes tedious

Scrapers and article spinners

Using scrapers and article spinners

Cheap price for poor quality. Article scrapers and spinners are ghosts of the past - they're lingering but they don't exactly belong nor are relevant in this decade.

Premium article

Buying premium articles

Costly alternative that's not sustainable. Filling a 50-blog PBN with new posts every week would mean $800 per month. That's far from a negligible expense.

Full-time writer

Hiring a full-time writer

Besides costs and quality, hiring a non-native writer brings issues with management and, usually, decreasing quality after a few weeks.

It doesn't have to be like that.
Kafkai is the modern solution for your content needs

No scraping and spinning

No scraping and spinning

Kafkai is not "AI" that is in the background just scraping and spinning articles. We are using an actual machine learning algorithm that generates articles from scratch.

constantly improving

Uses machine learning algorithm

Kafkai does not use a static model for generation. With each generated article and the score you give it, it's learning and getting better and better. We are constantly improving the underlying technology to best suit the needs of our users.

Unique articles

100% unique articles

The articles are generated from scratch so they are fully unique. While the content will obviously not earn a Pulitzer's award (at least not yet), it's fully suitable as second-tier content, for your SEO needs or helping you break the writer's block.

Your very own writer

that gives you unlimited content, works 24/7, and is always available.

All for the price of weekly salary of a cheap human writer that does none of that.

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