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“When it comes to writing or with SEO content - it's just incredible.”

Since I've been using Kafkai, I've been very happy with the experience. I just want to jump on here and kind of give you an idea as to how our agency is using it.

I actually have compared Kafkai just recently against some other AI writing tools out there and there weren't anything that even compared to it. The Kafkai outshines a lot of actual writing gigs by humans. I used to go to different third-party writing sites. When you find a tool like that, you really want to hold on to it.

The product is just amazing, how far we've come with AI, especially when it comes to writing or with SEO content - it's just incredible.

In our agency, I have a virtual assistant who has been with us for years and does a lot. But something that's consistently stopped us up is the quality of content that she could produce independently. When she's doing forum posting or doing a different type of link building tactic where it's necessary to create content based on that individual situation, or finding a guest post for a blog, it was obvious that it was written by the same person which is not good for SEO. So we had to find a workaround for that. But using Kafkai, it's awesome because there is voice, there is a sense that a real person wrote the AI content. It's all done automatically on the backend.

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CJ Rooney

“Thank you for building this great product”

I've been testing Kafkai and I love what it does!

Thank you for building this great product that IMHO can revolutionize content creation in so many areas.

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“I love the idea”

I love the idea and have a registered account.

I love the experimental writer and the way it includes titles and lets you do a few on that topic. Keep going in the right direction.

Jason Sifford
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“One of the best products”

Keep up the great work! One of the best products I have seen in a long time and I have been in this game for 35 years.

I am using this very nicely with another application that converts the article to voice and uses my voice for the voice-over. Sweet!

Joseph J. Geller
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“Kafkai definitely delivers”

This is really great. I've been a user of your other project, Easy Blog Networks, so I have faith in the systems you create.

I need a regular stream of content for 40 blogs and Kafkai definitely delivers.

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“What you're going to be getting form this tool is high quality articles coming out to you”

If you suffer from writer's block or you need content on ongoing basis, you're going to want to check out Kafkai that I absolutely love, and it's really gonna help you guys with some unique content for your SEO needs. I'm an owner of a digital marketing agency. I came across Kafkai offering Ai generated content that seemed to be as good as a human-written content.

At first I was a little skeptical. I have tried things like this before and they really spit out garbage. Now, I am very happy to tell you that sometimes you might get 1 or 2 bad articles but for the most part, what you're going to be getting form this tool is high quality articles coming out to you

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Preston Martelly

“Shoutout to Kafkai for this fantastic generation software”

Here I just want to give a shoutout to Kafkai for this fantastic generation software. I got involved with Kafkai when they released beta of it and thought that it was great concept to use artificial intelligence.The articles to begin with were not that great and there where only four niches.

But every month, if not every week, there's additions and improvements, and I think we're up to 20 niches now and the content generation is really great. Fantastic all sorts of uses, generating content for clients or for your own blogs, and for SEO purposes.

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Mike James
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