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Enjoy the convenience of article creation with Kafkai's abundance of outstanding and user-friendly features.


One Click Generation

Instantly create compelling articles with a single click. One-click generation simplifies your creations, allowing you to easily access high-quality content.

Keyword-based Generation

Tailor your articles to specific topics using our keyword-based generation. Just type the keywords, and watch our AI write engaging content based on your preferences.

SEO Optimized

Boost your online presence with SEO-optimized articles. Our AI strategically enhances your content for search engine visibility. Now it's easier for your audience to discover your work.

Keyword Research Tools

Empower your writing process with advanced keyword research tools. Find trending keywords and make sure your content is what your audience is looking for.

Automated Image Integration

Enhance your articles with automated image integration. Our AI adds relevant visuals to complement your content. Now it's also a visually appealing and comprehensive reading experience.

Long Article (3000 words+)

Craft comprehensive, in-depth articles exceeding 3000 words easily. Our AI is capable of creating lengthy, informative content that captivates your audience. Make sure you establish your expertise in your chosen niche.


Reach a global audience by generating articles in multiple languages. Create content that resonates with diverse audiences around the world.

Bulk Generation

Save time and effort with bulk article generation. Generate multiple articles at once and scale up. It works whether you're managing a blog, website, or content marketing strategy.

Multi Article Format

Flexibility at its best. Our AI article writer supports various formats, including Markdown, HTML, and plain text. Choose the format that best suits your publishing platform.

Reliable with Proven Track Records

Trustworthy and Backed by a Solid Performance History


More than 8,000 customers have experimented with Kafkai


Over half a million articles created since 2019


Over 200 thousand articles were generated in languages besides English

How does Kafkai work

Kafkai has two modes of operation that cater for specific user needs. It use our own trained models for niche and keyword article writing.

I Don’t Know What to Write - Easy Mode

For when you're in a hurry and don't have a subject in mind. Choose your niche and Kafkai will write a unique article.

This content is crafted to meet high-quality standards and is fully optimized for SEO.

You can confidently publish it with minimal editing, knowing that it's ready to make a positive impact.

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I Know What to Write - Advance Mode

If you have a particular topic in mind and want to guide the content, you can provide keywords that will be integrated into the article.

You can conduct keyword research within Advance Mode, and these keywords will be seamlessly incorporated into the article.

This content is crafted to meet high-quality standards and is fully optimized for SEO.

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