Everyone that does online marketing needs content, especially if they're doing SEO or affiliate marketing.

Access to cheap, unlimited, and unique content is most welcomed by SEO and MMO audiences. It can be used for SEO blogs, PBNs, and backlinks.

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Unique product

How many times can you say you're promoting AI software? Give your audience access to cutting-edge technology for their business.


Fantastic value for money

Users are getting unique articles for cents. The amount of unique content they get access to will make a significant change in their business.


Long-standing company

Kafkai is made by LaLoka Labs, whose team members have been working together since 2007 to improve people's lives through elegant software.

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Earn up to 50% Lifetime Commissions for All Your Referrals

Customers you send will earn you up to 50% lifetime commissions on everything they purchase. This also includes the in-app upsell to the discounted lifetime plan. As long as they keep paying, you keep receiving commissions.

Plus, the more customers you send our way, the more money we send your way. You receive one-time bonuses with every level-up.

Level 1

Level 1

30% Lifetime Commission
  • < 10 Signups
One-Time Bonus $50

Level 2

Level 2

40% Lifetime Commission
  • 10 Signups
One-Time Bonus $500

Level 3

Level 3

50% Lifetime Commission
  • 100 Signups

The tracking cookie is valid for 30 days after the last click. This means that visitors that you refer to Kafkai will earn you a commission even if they convert four weeks later!

Show you can rank and earn a permanent 50% commission

Publish a Kafkai review on your website and rank on page 1 for US search for keywords AI writer, kafkai, or kafkai review. All affiliates that keep the rank, keep the 50% commission.

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Pricing Plans and Your Commission

Prices on the pricing page load in USD (default), EUR (EU), and GBP (UK) for localized prices that make it easier for users to purchase. You receive the same commission for all currencies.

Price 30% Commission 40% Commission 50% Commission
Industrial Printer $199 $59.7 $79.6 $99.5
Printing Press $129 $38.7 $51.6 $64.5
Newsroom $49 $14.7 $19.6 $24.5
Writer $29 $8.7 $11.6 $14.5

If users purchase upgrades, you receive commission on that as well.

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