If you're a new affiliate, scroll to the bottom to learn how to get the links inside your Paddle dashboard. If there's anything we can help you with, don't hesitate to contact us.

General Guidelines

Kafkai is the first AI content generator and the audiences that respond to the offer best are SEOs and the Make Money Online Niche.

One thing to avoid is to over-promise the quality. The articles are not perfect and require editing. That said, if the user has a VA or a writer they usually use, then they will be able to generate ten times more articles than before.

There are multiple uses for Kafkai, from posting articles to Private Blog Network (PBN), niche blogs, or even selling articles on Fiverr and similar websites with the appropriate amount of editing.

If you have an email list larger than 10,000 subscribers, we can offer your audience a limited discounted yearly price. Contact us for more information.


Download the logo and screenshots

To learn more about which colors to use, to download the logo or screenshots, visit our Brand page.

Contact us when you level up!

Once you reach 10 signups, and then 100 signups, make sure to contact us so we can increase your affiliate commission and send you the level up bonus!




Login to your Paddle account and click on Affiliates in the sidebar, then choose to View as Affiliate from the dropdown.

On this dashboard, you can see the metrics for your date range.


Your links

Once you're approved, you can find all links in the Links section. Make sure to review all of them and use the most appropriate one when sending your audience information about WooCart.

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